We are suppliers and exporters of Indian rice like Indian basmati rice and non basmati rice, which are well cleaned and hygienically processed and packed through latest state of art, imported machines to maintain highest international standards.
Indian spices 
Spices are strongly flavored or aromatic parts of plants used in small quantities in food as a preservative, or flavouring in cooking. Spices are distinguished from other plant products used for similar purposes, such as herbs (which are green, leafy parts of plants), aromatic vegetables, and dried fruit.
Indian Pulses 
We are suppliers and exporters of Indian Pulses in to various countries as per the requirements of overseas buyer.Our quality is of international standard. This brand is premium quality Indian Pulses sold in attractive packs.
We are suppliers and exporters of Pure Indian henna, the medicinal herb mentioned in ayurveda by great sages.
We are manufacturers and exporters of an extensive series of high quality incenses & cones that fulfils your complete desire of the most authentic fragrances of the East.
We are manufacturers and exporters of especially processed Indian pickles empowers you with all your favorite tastes in the cool comfort of your own kitchen
We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of various kinds of Indian classical gift / handicraft items.
We are suppliers and exporters of Table salt has been made in India for years and is one of our traditional items.
Start your day with a fresh-squeezed cup of ...............
The exotic collection of company's superior wheat grains variety is the perfect choice of every household. The wholesome Indian wheat grains are rich in taste and nutrition.
We are suppliers and exporters of High quality Crystal Sugar in Overseas Market! Today it has got the one of the biggest manufacturing tieups & setup in various part of India
We are suppliers and exporters of tea/coffee in the form of tea bags, both soft tagged and hard tag tea bags. We are using high quality tea dust and PF, hygienically packed
Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Products have been used to great effect to cure common ailments from indigestion, to coughs and cold. Stimulates immune system
Relieves stress Fights aging through anti-oxidant property
Improves lung function Helps fight respiratory infections Builds resistance to disease.
We are uniquely positioned to offer you the best deal in Cut flowers exports. Fresh form for bouquets and ornamental purposes. Dried, dyed, bleached etc. for other purposes. Flower power is waiting to be tapped.
We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of herbal cosmetics such as herbal acne cream, pimples cream and hair care products. The group is involved in export of various kinds of Herbal Products such as herbal powder, herbal henna powder, pure natural honey etc. Blended together to strengthen each strand of muscle from within, making you look really gorgeous
We are Manufacturers and exporters of branded stainless steel utensils and cutlery from india.Our goal is to offer you the best buys in high quality stainless steel utensils, cookware, kitchen accessories and dining accessories
We have a reputed import / export house dealing in ferrous metal scrap and non ferrous metal scrap. The unblemished quality of our products has fetched us the accolades of our clients spread across the world

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