Metal Scrap / iron ore
C. L. Products India Ltd is a scrap metal processing company specializing in the purchasing of high temperature alloys, tungsten carbide, stainless steel and nickel scrap in solid, turning or sludge (swarf) form as well as spent coolants with contained metals. We also buy all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
We can purchase your scrap outright or broker your material directly to various consumers. If you are a producer of any of the above items and you are interested in a partnership arrangement whereby we buy your material and act as your broker, we would be pleased to discuss this too.
Recycling scrap metal with a briquetter has other benefits besides the considerable profits it will generate in its own sales. You will be able to recover a large portion of your cutting fluids that come out with the scrap. The processing allows you to get 20-30% of the coolant back from your aluminum scrap and 10% back from your copper scrap. This not only saves the coolant, but it reduces your liability due to exposure from coolant laden chips. Scrap metal briquettes also have a much lower material handling cost. With a volume reduction rate of up to 8:1, the briquettes are much easier to ship, and the weight and liability of the coolant is obsolete.

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