As India’s largest producer of Spices we, at C.L. Products India Ltd, have helped to keep the famous spice route alive only, this time the route begins at our end! With an experience of over thirty years in producing spices, we have provided our consumers with consistently high quality powders and blends. C.L. Products India Ltd operates from two modern factories situated in the Capital of India.
Over two million households are proof of our dominance in the spices market. Our consumers are spread out across the globe- we export our spices to Middle Eastern countries, Europe and USA. In fact, we are winners of the Spices Board of India's prestigious Award for Outstanding Export Performance.
Indian spices, famous for their captive flavour and aroma, have been tempting people the world over since time immemorial. Almost every important spice in the world is produced in India and black pepper, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, chilli, garlic, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, celery, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, tamarind, kokum, garcinia, curry leaf, saffron, vanilla and mint are some of the main spices exported from India.

India has a 2/3rd share in the global spice trade, and we are now offering value added products in the spice and food industry to be able to respond swiftly to the changes in the international arena.

We constantly endevour to bring our consumer the very finest quality of organic Indian  Cooking Spices. Our quality is of international standard. This brand is premium quality Cooking Spices in attractive packs of 100 gm,500 gm.,20kg,50 kg. and has captured Indian markets share for Indian  Cooking Spices in consumer packs.


SLM Chat Masala

SLM Chana Masala

SLM Curry Powder

SLM Garam Masala

SLM Tandoori Masala

SLM Biryani Masala

SLM Meat Masala

SLM Jaljeera Sip

SLM Panipuri Masala

SLM Pao Bhaji Masala

SLM Red Chilli Powder

SLM Red Chilli Crushed

SLM Turmeric Powder

SLM Coriander Powder

SLM Jeera Whole

SLM Jeera Powder

SLM Black Pepper Whole

SLM Black Pepper Crushed

SLM Black Pepper Powder

SLM Hing

SLM Black Cardamom Whole

SLM Green Cardamom Whole

SLM Ginger Powder

SLM Ginger Whole

SLM Bay Leaf

SLM Amchoor Powder

SLM Garlic Powder

SLM Sambar Masala


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