We have our Generations engaged in the profession of pickle making. We at SLM give you the best available in the market because of which we have been ranked as the number 1 pickle producing company in India. So feel free to buy the delicious products of SLM Pickles.
Pickles are firstly the fruit of labours of love, and the songs and the culture that surrounds their making. Pickling is the simple procedure for preserving fruits, meats, fish, vegetables in salt, or spices or oil or combinations of the three. The combinations are versatile. The same mango pickle prepared in one part of the country tastes different from that prepared elsewhere. Whilst recipes may be the same, the oils or vinegars used could be different, resulting in difference of taste. For example mustard oil is used in North India and Gingelly oil used in the South. Many picklers prefer palm vinegar others settle for synthetic vinegar.
The adjusting of proportions of spices can overpower or downplay the outcome. These balances have been tried and tested over the centuries to give a degree of perfection. Nowadays you just sit back and savor the flavours.
In North India, pickles are served in a container with compartments giving one a choice which includes wedges of lime and pickled onions.

We constantly endevour to bring our consumer the very finest quality of PICKLES & MURABBAS . Our quality is of international standard.

Pachranga Mix Pickle 24 X 800 gm

Pachranga Green Chilli Pickle 24 X 800 gm

Pachranga Ginger Lemon Pickle 24 X 800 gm

Pachranga Mango Pickle 24 X 800 gm

Amla Murabba 12 X 500 gm

Apple Murabba 12 X 500 gm

Carrot Murabba 12 X 500 gm

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