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“SLM” aims to improve production and productivity of traditional as well as cut flowers through availability of quality planting material and transfer technology, improve human resource capabilities for growing flowers scientifically, promote production of off season and quality flowers through protected cultivation, and improve on farm post-harvest handling of flowers.
“SLM” is putting its specific attention to the development of traditional flowers; strengthening of Model Floriculture Centres (MFC) for additional facilities; improvement in productivity and production through higher use of inputs and area expansion; assistance for off-season production of flowers; emphasis on on-farm post-harvest management of flowers; encouragement for greenhouse cultivation of flowers; and dissemination of information through training and media support.
Flower prices are escalating. Demand for red roses increases dramatically. Sales are increasing by 60 per cent year to year. To meet the demand for cut flowers, especially roses on wagonloads of flowers are dispatched from different locations in advance. The total amount of flowers we need can `t even be accommodated on the flight, so flowers growers send them by train. Increased export to Europe has limited supplies of roses within India . This has pushed up prices from the usual Rs 7-8 in the mandi to Rs10 .This is because the recent cold wave in Europe and various parts of the world has affected flower trade. To meet increased demand from Europe , exports have been stepped up. We are exporting more to meet demands in Europe . India exported close to 1,500 tones worth Rs 53 crore in 2004. The export has increased by 35 percent


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